Next Generation Embedded Print Solution

Adaptive Acceleration Technology

Advancements in embedded processing power have continued to push the boundaries of both printer and MFP performance. With the proliferation of complex visual elements such as transparency, gradients, and color-calibrated high-resolution images, optimizing performance is critical in the use of image scanning and printing applications. Regardless of the scan and print hardware technology used, there are a number of computationally expensive operations that typically occur within the embedded system of an MFP. CobaltPrint optimizes and improves these functions.

CobaltPrint is engineered for performance and developed specifically for the embedded printer and MFP markets. Our innovative high-performance solution leverages emerging technologies for a faster, smarter, leaner print engine. CobaltPrint utilizes a range of optimizations to improve printing performance, including parallelism, SIMD, GPU and hardware-based solutions. The results are higher-speed processing and superior print quality.

CobaltPrint's small footprint minimizes memory demands while enhancing performance and quality. Our internal memory management systems are designed to reduce the impact on platform functions and minimize fragmentation, critical for CPU chips without MMU hardware.

The Artifex Advantage

CobaltPrint is a new solution by Artifex designed to deliver significant performance enhancements to the embedded printer and MFP markets. Engineered from 25 years of PDF/PS/PCL/XPS expertise, CobaltPrint offers the following new features and benefits:

  • Small footprint
  • JBIG2 and JPEG 2000 codecs commercially licensed from LuraTech
  • Complete set of PDF, PostScript and PCL fonts
  • Integration with the Intel performance modules, written by Artifex
  • Can be delivered with Monotype's UFST pre-integrated

Artifex is dedicated to providing prompt and professional technical support and consulting services to our customers. We are deeply committed to product quality and service. When you partner with Artifex, you are assured direct access to the engineers who built the product.

Key Benefits & Performance Improvements

Artifex has identified critical performance areas of PDL processing to optimize: halftone screening, scaling, rotation, transparency blending, and color conversion. We have seen significant benefits from reimplementing these algorithms using SIMD instructions. The new implementation results in notable increases for industry standard PDL test files as well as PDF tests needed for AirPrint conformance.

CobaltPrint is portable and will run on minimal real-time operating systems, embedded Linux, UNIX, Window and OS X. CobaltPrint has its own memory manager for high-performance memory operations on systems without dedicated hardware to support memory.

Additional Key Benefits Include:

JBIG2 & JPEG2000
CobaltPrint uses LuraTech’s high-performance codecs to process JBIG2 and JPEG2000, resulting in significant RAM savings and faster processing times than other solutions.
Skew Detection & Correction
For MFPs and Scanner solutions CobaltPrint brings high performance skew detection and correction with speeds of over 50 pages per minute on low powered CPUs. The current implementation is optimized with SSE instructions. Click here for more information.
Printing Architectures
The CobaltPrint engine can produce output for a wide variety of printing architectures. Support for CMYK and RGB using 1, 2, 4, 8 and custom bits per component with interleaved or planar format. High resolution greater than 4800 dpi is possible.
The Display List
The CobaltPrint display list can be stored in RAM or on a hard drive. It supports collated copies, imposition, flexible page print order, automatic greyscale/color detection and ink saving. The display list and band buffers in CobaltPrint result in significant RAM saving, but CobaltPrint RIP is also capable of full-page rendering which is faster at the expense of using more memory.
Using the display list allows CobaltPrint to leverage multiple threads in support of parallel processing. The parsing and rendering of the page can be overlapped and parts of the display list can be dispatched to multiple cores to be processed in parallel.
ICC Based Color Management
CobaltPrint supports a wide array of halftone solutions easily realized using the optimized engine. Threshold-based techniques, as well as error diffusion, are available.Graphical objects, text, images, and vectors, can be distinguished and given distinct color and halftone treatment.

2018 Award Recipient

CobaltPrint was recognized as a RED HOT Technology at PRINT 18. Featuring technology or equipment that has come to market within the past 12 months, the RED HOT Technology Recognition Program highlighted the "what’s new and innovative" on the exhibit floor.

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Download our white paper, a technical document which reviews the recent work we've performed to provide significant acceleration in MFP devices.

Download the CobaltPrint product sheet.