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High-Performance Skew Detection & Correction

High-Speed Processing
Skew detection and correction are an integral part of the modern scanner and MFP pipelines. Artifex engineers have developed high-performance algorithms to detect the angle of skew and correct scanned images accurately. The algorithms use Single Instruction, Multiple data (SIMD) features of Intel, AMD and ARM processors to achieve breakthrough performance results. Speeds of over 50ppm with 600dpi mono (or 300dpi rgb) input are possible, even on low powered CPUs. Similarly, we have developed a high-performance portable skew detection library for both greyscale and RGB text-based documents.

Combining low powered chips with highly optimized software using SIMD instructions can outperform and provide cost savings compared with Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) implementations.

We also have similar software to take advantage of SIMD instruction (NEON) on ARM architectures.

Advanced Filtering
Once skew has been detected, our advanced digital filtering system can quickly and efficiently correct for skew, and perform resolution conversion and sharpening, all from within a single digital filter. Our skew detection and correction libraries have been optimized to run in a few milliseconds with minimal loss of quality on both text-based and image-based documents.
Robust Features
The detection algorithm is designed to be robust and works well with a variety of different documents including those with graphics, images, text, double columns etc. The rotation algorithm is further optimized for performance by accounting for the relatively small rotations angles typically encountered in skew correction applications.
Flexible Integration
The solution is available as a standalone SDK which can be readily integrated into embedded, desktop, and mobile products. ScanSkew will also be part of the Artifex CobaltPrint solution. Technical details of the implementation are available in our SIMD white paper, which can be downloaded below.

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Download our white paper, a technical document which reviews the recent work we've performed to provide significant acceleration in MFP devices.

Download the ScanSkew product sheet.